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Sondheim Theatre Seating Plan

Sondheim Theatre seating plan

A classic 1900s design by the veteran theatre architect W. G. R. Sprague, the Sondheim Theatre is a standard size for a West End venue and boasts excellent views from most positions in the auditorium. However, the overhang from the level above affects the back few rows of both the stalls and dress circle. The leg-room is minimal throughout and it's best not to bring large bags and coats into the auditorium because you'll only reduce the legroom even more.

The stalls

Arguably the best section, the stalls are positioned very close to the stage. The most sought-after seats are in the central section of the first seven rows. There is no aisle dividing the rows in the stalls, so you can feel quite penned in. The overhang from the dress circle above affects the view to the stage from the last seven rows and is particularly obstructive in the back two rows. However these seats can be excellent value for money.

The dress circle

One level up from the stalls, the dress circle is divided into two sections by a central aisle. The best seats can be found in the front block of seats and a central location is always good. The back section of the dress circle can feel slightly disconnected from the stage, but most seats in this area offer excellent value for money. The overhang from the upper circle above only affects the view to the stage from the last four rows of the dress circle.

The upper circle

The highest seating level in the auditorium, the upper circle is divided into two large sections of seats by a central aisle. Those with accessibility issues should best avoid this level, with its countless steep steps. The rows are well raked and offer good views over the tops of people’s heads. The back section of the upper circle is very high up and can feel distant from the action on stage, but ticket prices can be very reasonable on this level.

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