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Les Miserables - The Global Stage Sensation
For sheer musical theatre spectacle and an emotional roller coaster, it quite rightly remains the best show in town

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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

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Sunday, 3 April 2022

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2 hours 50 minutes

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Les Miserables

Les Misérables is a legendary French historical novel by the writer and poet Victor Hugo, first published in 1862. Many think it's one of the finest novels of the 1800s. Set in early 19th-century France, it tells the story of Jean Valjean, a French peasant, and his quest for redemption. An emotional rollercoaster, it'll have you in tears of joy... and tears of sorrow.

Valjean is on parole, having just served a brutal 19 years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread for his sister and her child, both of whom were starving to death. He decides to break his parole agreement and start fresh, but the horribly persistent Inspector Javert just won't let go. Valjean is swept unwittingly into the revolution, and the group of young idealists he has hooked up with are forced to take their last stand behind a barricade in the streets.

The rousing, unforgettable show tunes come from the pen of the brilliant Claude-Michel Schönberg. The original French lyrics come courtesy of Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel. And the English libretto is by Herbert Kretzmer. The London production has been on stage non-stop since October 1985 and is the second longest-running musical on the planet. Enough said – go see it!

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Young Couples:

What a show!!
Andreas, 25 Nov 2021
Very entertaining. Great singing
Immerse yourself in the experience
Audley, 25 Nov 2021
A brilliant performance !
The set was excellent, story was moving, singing was wonderful
Hannah, 25 Nov 2021
Show was fabulous. Would go back again!
Robbie, 24 Nov 2021
Throughout the performance, my eyes were glued to their emotive voices and captivating portrayal of character! The set and imagery was executed superbly and each scene swiftly moved into one another. Although I was with a crowd of people, the actors made me get lost in their story- I felt as if I was the only one watching!
Kellie, 24 Nov 2021
Wow amazing show....
Suzanne, 21 Nov 2021
Les Miserables
Last night I attended the evening showing of my all time favourite musical and as always I was blown away by the passion and emotion shown by the cast. Such a wonderful show and one I would really recommend. The only tricky part is the seats are a little cramped not much leg room so just be aware of that before hand ..
Elizabeth, 21 Nov 2021
Don't miss it
Leigh-Anne, 20 Nov 2021
Definitely a must see! Bravo!
Franck, 20 Nov 2021
Impressive. Hard work, skills, creative, fun to watch.
Marc, 19 Nov 2021
A truly magical experience
Loved every last minute. What a cast! What a production!
Lorna, 19 Nov 2021
Grand circle is to high up for this production
Jude, 16 Nov 2021
Best musical of all time!
Tracey, 15 Nov 2021
Les Mis - proud family evening
Very late on nov 12th we heard my nephew would be taking the leading role that night. Ticket booked, very easy to do fortunately as time was extremely limited. The performance was fast paced from start to finish. The acting and singing was magnificent.
debbie, 13 Nov 2021
The cast was very professional. A man had a heart attack. The show was stopped then restarted and the cast carried on regardless. It's a very moving production.
Deborah, 08 Nov 2021
Great show
Andy, 08 Nov 2021
Brilliant, amazing and stunning
This was my first ever show! I went with my girlfriend who goes a lot, was one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed fully enjoyed myself and the actors were incredible
MATTHEW, 08 Nov 2021
Absolutely wonderful
Dan, 07 Nov 2021
One of the best musicals
Excellent show.
Raffi, 07 Nov 2021
Simply amazing
Moving beautiful story. Outstanding acting, singing and music. Full of emotional expression. Made me cry at the end.
Hanna, 06 Nov 2021
Inspirational, comical, gravatus and à historical gem
Nothing to add except... I would always come back and rewatch this masterpiece. Front staff 10/10 which is soooo important... Thank you for an excellent evening...
Mark, 02 Nov 2021
Voices 🥲
Gabriella, 30 Oct 2021
Excellent show. Performers wonderful music fantastic and effects brilliant.
Denise, 30 Oct 2021
Jose, 30 Oct 2021
Enjoyable but disappointing
We have seen Les Mis a number of times and absolutely love it. Everything from the casting to costumes. However, on this occasion we were disappointed with one of the leading roles. Whilst perfectly good at what they do, for the role they are cast in they in my opinion unsuitable. There signing was more rap than classical and acting more shouting than comforting. This I found broken the intimacy of the show. It was good but not to the standard I am used to seeing.
Amanda, 30 Oct 2021
Incredible Show
I literally had goosebumps from the first minute until he end! It was a top performance, the singing was amazing. Best reaction from an audience I’ve seen! Well done all
Toria, 28 Oct 2021
A must see
This was a fantastic show from start to finish. The actors were amazing and the music was out of this world
Aimee, 27 Oct 2021
Moving, amazing songs and singers
Ruth, 27 Oct 2021
I held my breath, I cried, I loved every bit of it. Thank you for this amazing experience! I just wish tickets would be more affordable so more people could see it. Also the bar (as expected) is unreasonably overpriced. The show however was outstanding and the theatre staff was very nice, I appreciate you all.
Alex, 26 Oct 2021
However many times you've seen it - it never gets less brilliant.
Katharina, 24 Oct 2021
Powerfull show
Melle, 23 Oct 2021
Nezha, 23 Oct 2021
Absolutely breathtaking! I cried twice. The singing was beautiful.
IVETA, 22 Oct 2021
Spectacular and fun
Olena, 19 Oct 2021
Lee, 17 Oct 2021
Show didn’t disappoint was amazing would recommend for all opra fans … singing actioning was brilliant aswell top marks to all involved with the show
James, 13 Oct 2021
An unforgettable experience
Mafaza, 01 Oct 2021
Best Experience
We were fortunate to have obtained to seats in he front row or 2. Some of the banners were almost hanging over our heads. The actors and actresses were right in front of us. My family loves the songs.i I do not normally give uncoditionally good reviews but I can't think what could be improved about this experience. It is a while now - I am just sorting through some old emails - but I still remember it very clearly and I am not sure when I shall enjoy something so much again.
Jonathan, 26 Feb 2021
i cried like a baby
it was awesome , i had the worst seats in the house but the show was still amazing , great all round, was very moved by the story and the songs
anongentleman, 01 Mar 2014
Paul & Lisa @ Les Mis.
Good story line, with something for everyone .... Humour, romance, drama ...etc
Paul, 18 Feb 2014
The show was excellent the music the singing the passion, I would recommend this show to anybody from 5 to 95
Jean, 16 Feb 2014
Wonderful evening
The singing was amazing the stage changes wonderful shed a few tears. Most enjoyable.
Pearl, 13 Dec 2013
a wonderful afternoon
Went to see show as daughter wanted to see it but never was one of those must see shows. However came out with a completely different feeling. It had excellent performances and singing was out if this world. Watch out for the child performers as they are something special and will amaze you
maria, 11 Aug 2013
First time my boyfriend has been to a west end show and wasn't sure this would be the best choice of show and I wasn't exactly sure that I would like it either. But both of us came out abd couldn't believe how much we enjoyed it. Thoroughly moving show...!!!! If anyone is unsure please don't hesitate..
Aj, 02 Jun 2013
Outstanding musical in all areas
This was my third time of seeing it over a space of 15 years I took with me a friend who hadn,t seen it before and was a bit concerned that i had hyped it up too much but like me she loved it and we both agreed that we will go to see it again definitely.
Kathy, 02 Oct 2012
Fifth time for Les Mis!
This is the fifth time I have seen the show and continue to enjoy it as much as ever! The music is haunting and although the story is quite difficult to follow it all becomes clear at the end. The only complaint could be the queue for the ladies toilet and we missed a few minutes of the second half as were still in the queue!
Caroline, 08 Jun 2012
7th time to see Les Miserables and it just gets better and better
it is a brilliant musical for theatre goers to enjoy a deep story line. This isn't fir the faint hearted as there is a lot to keep up with. The songs make the musical as good as it is and the actors and actresses make that happen. I wouldn't recommend for children below their teenage years as it is a musical which requires a lot on understanding and concentration. I've seen this 7 times now and will continue for years to come. Highly recommend. 10/10
Sophie, 08 Jun 2012
25 Years in the Waiting
I have been wanting to see this show almost since it opened and have just seen it. I was certainly not disappointed. Everything about Les Miserables was as perfect a show can be.
Sue, 05 Jun 2012